Baby Cutlery Set & Case

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  • Designed to help you safely introduce cutlery for 6+ months
  • Encourages self-feeding and exploration of foods, textures and tastes
  • Smooth ends feel comfortable in your baby’s mouth - building positive associations with both cutlery and mealtimes
  • Short, ergonomic handles allow basic palmer grip, with soft touch areas to help develop a more advanced pincer grip
  • Complements both baby-led weaning and self-feeding
  • Product information

    A baby starter set consisting of a spoon and fork, as well as a very handy case. 

    Certified safe, this two-piece set builds familiarity with cutlery, and helps develop skills and coordination with both hands. 

    Expertly designed to help your baby get to grips with cutlery - and begin their exploration of food!

  • Key Features
    • Suitable for babies 6+ months

    • Certified safe for babies

    • BPA and phthalates free materials

    • Dishwasher safe

    • Short and compact handles make cutlery easier to grip and control

    • Bright soft touch areas help finger placement

    • Utensil ends perfectly sized for little mouths and shaped for comfort

    • 2-piece set builds familiarity with cutlery and encourages babies to hold a piece in each hand, working both sides of the brain equally

    • Bright and functional compact case keeps cutlery safe and hygienic

  • Need more help choosing?
    If you’re struggling to decide which product to buy for your little one, here’s a few handy hints:
    • Your baby is 6-10 months and has never used cutlery before
      Choose doddl baby cutlery. This is the perfect first cutlery set to introduce to your baby!
    • Your baby is 11 to 13 months, has never used cutlery before, only has a small amount of coordination, is not eating particularly large meals and is not considered ‘big’ for their age - Choose doddl baby cutlery
    • Your baby is 11-13 months old, has tried a spoon and is now eating more substantial meals
      Choose doddl children’s cutlery this cutlery set will help your little one enjoy eating their meals with confidence!
    • Your baby is 14+ months old
      doddl children’s cutlery will be the right cutlery set for your little one to help develop their skills and enjoy their mealtimes!
    • Still not sure – drop us an email or connect with us on social media @doddlkids and we can help you decide
    • Visit our tips section for more help and advice
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